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Songs written by John Tyler Martin, arranged by James Rabbit
Recorded, produced, mastered by Drew Stoeckel
Strings and horns arranged by Max Bennett-Parker

Recorded at the Crystal Palace in Spring 2013 in the music room, hours before the bulldozers
Piano and electric piano recorded at Georgiana Bruce Kirby Preparatory School, thank you to Drew Lewis
Cover art and kitchen photo by Dorota Szuta
Band photo by Jamie Burkart
Layout by Conner Martin


released October 22, 2013

John ‘Tyler’ Martin - Vocals, guitar, trumpet
Conner Scot Martin - Drums, kitchen
Max Bennett-Parker - Vocals, keyboard
Drew Stoeckel - Vocals, bass
Brett Hydeman - Guitar, vocals
Nessie - Vocals, sampler
Alexi Erenkov - Alto and tenor saxophone, flute, clarinet
Jenna Conway - Vocals
Dorota Szuta - Violin, viola
Christine Mann - Violin
Tovah Keynton - Violin
Rachel Keynton - Cello
Jamie Burkart, Dylan McKeever, Libby Hendon, Richard Caceres, Michael Ulrich, Spencer Owen, Nadine Duke - "We are the Weird" choir
John Acquadro



all rights reserved


James Rabbit Santa Cruz, California

Pop conglomerate California Bay Area.

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Track Name: Loosen Up
Put your hands on your shoulders, feel how tight?
Put your hands on your stomach, feel how tight?
Now, that’s not right! We gotta loosen up

Not tight like an HD TV
But loose, like a rotary phone
Not tight like airport security
But loose, like a broken home
And we’re sneaking out after midnight

Not tight like a nightclub DJ-
*Press spacebar, play the hits*
But loose like a backyard BBQ
Guitar strumming, whoops, dropped my pick
Brett: Do you want ketchup, mustard, fries with it?

Loose - like a couch cushion. Just found some change! Woo!
Loose - like jungle vines, swing off, jump into the pool
Loosen up!

All at once a realization, the thundering vibrations
The same song on every station
Do what you will with this! Do what you will
Something brave and true I hope - do it until
You find yourself a fresh start over
You wind up with a wild new world
You’ve taken the pieces, broken them down
Melted the metals, turned it around
The chase that never ends -
The give and pull, sunrise, snowfall
Tick tock, ready to rock? Yeah, woah!

Loosen up!

Hey everyone, I’m Tyler Martin and this is James Rabbit band. Look around - the place you are now, the people you are with. Now take a breath. You don’t have to take a breath, I know that’s hard Some things are do or die, todays not one of them. For now we have time to uncomplicate, untie the knot, listen to some music. Okay, I’m going to count to three, and then James Rabbit is going to do the thing.

Big fat ribs
Track Name: Back in Town
Blacktop beating, Snow on cedar st.
I could hear the bells around you, as you came down the hill
Are you even here or just a mirage?

Stars all scatter for my crazy driver
Will you stay long, just sit with me, ok, hold your cup sip silently
Tomorrow sleep through my alarm, snooze!

Back in town - back
For a moment the magic
Back in town - here with me now

Say bye bye when the paper hits the porch, bye bye
Adios, I know you’ve gotta go...

I could hear the angels fighting in the wings of your mind
Lightning flashing as you broke down
They were cussing by the muscle cars and kissing in the bathroom stalls
You didn’t even make a sound

Say bye bye when the paper hits the porch, bye bye
Adios, I hear you have got to go
C’est la vie, il est et il n’est pas
C’est la vie, chante da da da da
Ta da!

An object I cannot grasp
A question I will not ask
Is it treasure, is it trash?
Track Name: Spectrum of Death (Or Love)
It makes no sense, these rainclouds in my room, these rocks for pillows, it makes no sense
If I had to guess, its a dream or someone’s fooling, either sport or jest, this is just nonsense

I CANNOT HIDE from the idea
it follows me, this knife stuck in my neck
I CANNOT HIDE from the idea
it follows me, my whole life dreaming of death

At what point does attention turn into affection becomes the direction of my hearts obsession
It makes no sense, in fact it just wrecks any possibility of being fair to myself or to my one true
Oh it is true, yes it is true.

I CANNOT HIDE from the idea
it follows me, this knife stuck in my neck
I CANNOT HIDE from the idea
it follows me, my whole life dreaming of death

At what point does kindness turn into a blindness and essentially carelessness here comes her highness -
It makes no sense, in fact it just wrecks any possibility of being fair to myself or to my one true
Yes it is true, sure it is true
Track Name: Charge!
Brand new!

Its like I’ve run into you for the first time, even though I have the memory
I could trace the slope of your face, your nose, your lips your other places, your columns and rows

If I had my say we would stay connected - lights are green, operating
If I had my say we would stay connected, but its so much energy so back and back we go

Its you!

One thousand, two-hundred likenesses and none of them quite right,
portrayal every which way but never the correct light or mood or attitude or dress or my hands through your hair or nesting in your room unwinding with you

All night generators don’t let the power run out

Hot on the trail!

We’ve got a true love, we treat it right, we read to it and sing sweet songs and let it breathe in peace as we sleep at night
Track Name: Whirlwind of Love
Money money on the table, put yer cards down for the jackpot - ante up!
Face gives nothing away, not a thing to take from its just blank
Checks that my heart can’t back, dip my pen in blood and write it out

Pressures dropping..

She’s singing in the rain, water off the roof onto my shoulders
She’s singing in the singing in the rain - okay - okay -
I’m hyper obvious in my admiration of her

Pressures dropping...

Her style, the way she sits, attitude and ethics


She’s howling at the moon, sitting in her room it seems so empty
Less than you would expect, blankets on the bed, wine bottles and candles
I’m frozen in my tracks, nothing looking back, the room is closing in and spinning

Whirlwind of love, woo!
Track Name: Spring Thing
Springing up all over the road
Yellow flowers forming
All of the tough clouds break, come crashing down
Each drop falls for me
There is magic in the motion, subjects I cannot discuss
All of my work, and all my words
Cannot do it justice

Its just a natural reaction to feel that push and pull attraction
What’s that force?
Its the future course that every living being supports
When you know what you want, tell me tell me
When you know what you want

Holy drum and bass across the river
Gems along the mohawk
Just another diamond day
Pretty much everywhere its gonna be hot

Great escape, just two pieces to it
The hive to a worker bee, grab its wings or let it free
Oh smokey trail, making circles in the skyline
Fire from invisible hands - push me out, help me land


Death in the distance, so many possible interceptions
Run while your legs can- speed and space granted
At any moment, the foundation could fold
And our souls flee the coop in a final endless loop
Track Name: Ash and His Brother and Elvis Ash
Try as I can I may not save the planet or even my local community
Here we go- boats full of holes swiss cheese on spaghetti
Wrapped round a fork twisting silver infinity

Oh, oh oh-wah-oh
Dooby dooby doo doo-wah
Dooby dooby doo doo-wah

Start a fire! Start a fire!
Start a fire with the closest match
Hammerhead honing in on the catch
Hands are tied, so we gotta move fast
Fall on the city like thick white ash
Start a fire with the closest match
Ash and his brother and Elvis Ash

Oh, oh oh-wah-oh
Dooby dooby doo doo-wah
Dooby dooby doo doo-wah

Drink coffee until I burst, I can’t believe my hands, they feel the worst
I can’t trust the walls or my eyeballs, they zigzag dot dot cha cha cha cha
I’m walking cross the pier with the fiery legs, my friends are all in shackles or in aches and pains
So close to the edge I can feel the threshing and the stretching and the teeth and the pieces of my neighbors and nieces -
I am seasoned to believe in a reach without reason

Try as I can I cannot save the planet or even my local community
Here we go - boats full of holes swiss cheese on spaghetti
Wrapped round a fork twisting silver infinity
A big fuschia flower floats down over the city
Isn’t it isn’t it isn’t it... pretty
Track Name: Linens (Elm St. 2)
I dreamt about her last night, she walked by, slowly, wishing that I'd gone down a different street.
I remember the hate in her voice, just a simple hello
I remember the black in her dress
I dreamt about her a couple of times this week, I guess

Wrapped up in you, focused on each other
Wrapped up so tight in linens straight from the laundry
Dull candle light, lingering thunder
Soft cigarette scent, linens straight from the laundry

So many possibilities, now, what to do tomorrow?
Make a list, like a wish, it will still be there, beneath the pillow

Let's make a tape, don't need no actors
Just hold the camera, I'll produce and direct
Birds' heads and mice left on my doorstep
My claws go roaming, these gifts happen to come back

I remember the fog lifting off the ground beneath her feet
I remember the broken glass on the road from car windows
I remember the thump of the club
I wish that I could disappear and reappear elsewhere
Track Name: Wild Night
Sad punks in the autumn of our wild life
No more crowds, no more clowning our time away
Got to eat right, yeah, cook for ourselves and be
Home on time, get to sleep get to deadlines
But the hot night simmers outside...

We could have stayed young, unstable
Radioactive isotope material
But now - sad punks in autumn
Our tattoos traded in
For scarves and sweaters - no more huddling together

My window open just an inch
The streets my sound aquarium at night - clack clack
The skateboard goes - blub blub
The bubbles in my soda
Cackle of cars in traffic
Alarms humming through the wall

We could have stayed young!
We could have stayed young!
We could have stayed young, unusable
Toxic waste headed straight for the landfill
With red smiles painted on with teeth
drawn just below the mouth
Heavy fog over our town
Track Name: E's
It’s so easy, the wind in the willows, desperados in the evening just easy
I kick off my cloak, reformat discreetly, ambling along, all my cadences dreamy

Every situation is different! I’m learning how to be patient!
Working it out, taking it as it comes
ba-ba ba yaddayadda take it!
ba-ba ba yaddayadda as it comes
Off we go into the wild blue
Birds upon the heads of drums

Its so easy relic feather or ether bed and beverage barely there bean’-easy
Mountain erupts all volcanic ashes running down avalanches bones and bikinis

Every situation is different! I’m learning how to be patient!
Working it out, take it as it comes
ba-ba ba yaddayadda take it!
ba-ba ba yaddayadda as it comes
Off we go into the wild blue
Birds upon the heads of drums

Ease- the map in my hands is torn to pieces
Ease- the wind throws my boat off course
Ease- my ship may sink, but my body will float
Ease- no slave to the wave I ride upon, time is short and love is long

Working it out, take it as it comes
ba-ba ba yaddayadda take it!
ba-ba ba yaddayadda as it comes
Off we go into the wild blue
Birds upon the heads of drums

Its so easy, the prayer before meal time, carve up the main course and go for it- easy
Table for two just my brain and my heart, I’m always hungry though no danger of starving
Track Name: Golden Gate
I’d love to run around with you, cut through the parks and schools
The western wind, we come a blowing
Evergreentops rocking steady, power lines are humming heavy
Red hot with energy we're glowing

Golden gate, golden gate

Watercolors running down the street the steeper parts of town
Window shop without a worry
I'll wander on over to talk it's uphill all one hundred blocks
I’ll hop the fence I’ve got to hurry

Golden gate, the world is waiting
Open up

Holding back for so long
Holding out for what, though?
Holding back no longer
Give it to me strong, sweet

In a flash remember what I wanted to say to you but my mind is muddled and mixed up
Its a dream a scattered city blood on blacktop oily pretty I am awake I am next to you shaken up
Track Name: Play it Cool
I want you to
Shake me physically
Until my arms fall away from my body
They are moving on their own anyway

Play it cool, play God with a magic wand
Dig it deep, dig it down with your work boots on

I hope you
Never trust me fully
I’ve been building up this whole time
One major scheme
Play it cool, dig it deep
Draw up the blueprint for the dreamiest sleep
Make it real, watch it pop
Keys clicking in the chest - listen at the lock
Take it easy around the curves, those twists and turns

Bite bite my lip
I’ll bite my tongue
Searching for honey,
But I’ll settle for blood
Track Name: Count on Me
Its a habit, this release. She’s out skipping to the bass drum, glued to the beat.

Hypnotist on the top floor, walking up knocking down your front door. Ask for some, get a whole lot more. Girl, you can count on me.

She’s a person, a place, got a figure I can’t quite trace. Intangible with a faithful feel, immune to your charms invincible to harm- it cannot find her. Though occasionally the hurt reminds her. Heavy heart, she needs a pick-me-up, an arrow to point to or stick to her.

We’re going: city to city, station to station, shining sea to shining sea, build build up my my trust trust, girl you can count on me.

Ask for more, get much much more.
Track Name: Sun Clouded Over
Early, not even morning, right with the wind
The sun clouded over, fog rolling in

Wake up at the edge of a knife, ice cold metal bites me
I’m up I’m off I’m out to see - these legs these shoes walking for me
Animals breathe in deeply

Breakfast before dawn, I know every tree that it grows on
I bite I chew I burp I leave, I pass on unimportant things
Animals breathe in deeply

(wooh ah wooh ah woah ah)

Early, not even morning, the sun clouded over, fog rolling in

The sky’s wild blue spear
Has caught me, reeling in
I drink and dazzle at the sight
Lovely days but haunted nights
Death from a thousand bug bites

Sent a message out but I cannot recall
Let my laundry all hang out let everyone know
Let the wrong one in and now I’m back out in the cold
Blowing off all this steam

Cinnamon like sediment on back country road
I like my coffee like I like my coffee: to go
Wind me up and push me off the table wuh-oh
Blowing off all this steam
Track Name: Birds of Paradise
We kiss! For the first time! And all the lights in town go out
Just moon and the stars in the sky the black sea of the street, you and me and our mouths
We freeze! Marble statues, listening to the symphony of silence
The drone of police sirens off in the distance, and then snapping back, we caused this
We run! in no particular direction, we answer to no physics,
What spells love can cast - if we let it!

Gotta have a system, a set of rules we both know
What if we lose control and something new takes over?
Everytime I look in your eyes, those birds of paradise

We're looking out from the fifty-first floor of a skyscraper during a downpour
Helicopters outside, guns-drawn drama and tanks, citizens fleeing in boats
They're closing in on us now, hot shot supercops, snipers up high
And as they spiral up the emergency stairs, we close the door, flick the lights
Together! No camera can capture us, we're all in black
Together! No phone call, no matter how urgent can reach us, we're off of the grid cant go back
We gotta have an alibi, a single story (set) in stone
But I lose control and something new takes over

Everytime I look in your eyes, the birds of paradise, they sing to me
Everytime I look in your eyes,
They're blinking from the tops of trees, cracking with electricity
Endless walks down autumn streets in focus perfectly
Oh drummer dont worry
This rhythm track we can either follow or leave
Everytime I look in your eyes, those birds of paradise.
Track Name: Coming Alive
coming alive coming alive ooh ooh

Murmurs on the muni- a father talking to his daughter or buddies sneaking a drink
Just above the background, the tune and the tone
Out there, the ballgame over. people going crazy take it to the streets
The strobe of cop cars on their heads, everyone down put your seatbelts on
Mister drunk off his ass at the back of the bus picks his head up, says to us:

How about those lovebirds? Yeah, you there, I like a love song

Well I don’t need to sing about every moment of clarity
No I don’t need to make room for all my apologies
But the ones I keep in have got to count - I’m sorry (like So. Central Rain)
And not every song has got to pop like a dragon in a book
And not every window has to have a view
But you'll admit they make it easier to be on the train or standing in line at the bank or walking at night or waiting for your lover to come back into the room
I’m writing this, I can hear her talking through the wall- I’m hanging on to every muffled word
How they freeze in the air for a moment, then flutter to the ground

They grow in your garden but not for me
all the pomegranate plants and takeaway trees
Grow in a row but not for me

How about those lovebirds? Yeah, you there, I like a love song

Now before I can make the sound come true
I need three square meals and solid ground
I need reality I need to make it for myself
I need to grow up, step up, get on out there
I dream of Texas, I dream of undeveloped spaces
I dream of people coming around, meeting in one place
I dream of noises filling the whole outside
I dream of coming alive
Track Name: Climbing Up the Ivy
Climbing up the ivy, over the walls, through the window to your room, into your arms
Love be there soon
Climbing up the steps, slow and quiet, through the front door right to you, into your arms
All the way til morning

Kicking up the dust, it never settles. Along the interstate, can’t stand to keep you waiting.

The same story, tell it every time - the rolling crazy wheels and I. Headed for the horizon.

Think of the fire, though the warmth is our own. Fall asleep in the backseat, wake up and we’re home.

Dawn to dawn, wind everywhere. Whistling quietly our lullabye bye bye.